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SIRIUS ORION BLACK and Remus John Lupin lie in state in Westminster Hall for two weeks, in magical stasis, whereafter they are buried in a tomb under a newly-erected monument to the Heroes of Albion, which had been installed at the centre of Green Park in the interim. It is estimated that more people attended in person than any state funeral on record, in addition to those who listen on the wireless. It is also the first national broadcast to air on the newly restored telly service. Later, a statuary is added to the monument, depicting a wolf and a very large dog, standing on either side of a young man with spectacles, a gangling figure, and unruly hair. In years to come, the monument is a site for rallies, candlelight vigils, remembrances, marches, speeches, the occasional protest, and many a picnic luncheon, too. Wreaths are placed upon it every Remembrance and Victory Day.
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Justin's gone.

I'm - I've got Hydra here.


Neither of us is in good shape.

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Poppy, Ron, Bill, anyone who KNOWS where they've gone or what Bella's gloating about, CHECK IN.

Hydra's in Penzance; I'm heading there.


Dolohov may be waiting, as well as others.
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How close are we to restoring portkeys? Could we create a number of them to get into Buckingham?

Or perhaps Montague or Clearwater have ideas about how to get in. They're with us now, might as well use the advantage.

Remus and I think if we can take about 20 able wands with us, and wait until the full moon, we could mount an assault directly on their headquarters and take the fight to them.

This festival thingy in New London this weekend - they'll all be distracted by that, correct? So we get in, get to Bellatrix, and end this whole sorry business.
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I've just been told about Justin.

This is exactly what I was talking about this afternoon. WHY did he go after Antonin bloody Dolohov on his own? Or Ptolemy sodding Baddock or whomever.

Was it really necessary to put an eighteen-year-old in harm's way at this stage?

Alice. Enough. There are plenty of us to assume the risks. Rachel, put them on reserve, please. At least until the worst threats have been resolved.
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Are you in your office, or packing?

I'm .... I'm out on the pitch.

What Draco wanted to tell me - it was about Harry. He said that he'd been worried, wondering where Harry was - what happened to him, that is, after the spell and allowing Riddle to take his body. He'd written a few posts, asked questions, that sort of thing. Trying to work through his guilt, depression, so on. And he said Harry found a way to answer him.

He went through Dolohov, while Dolohov was clinically dead, and Hermione while she was unconscious. Both of them delivered their messages with enough clarity to convince Draco that they were genuinely from Harry. The point of it all was to assure Draco that Harry's in a good place, that his soul's intact, that he's patiently waiting to see us all again.

And - well, it was so obviously a relief to him that it was impossible not to be happy for him. He had his confirmation. It had clearly been weighing on the kid, far too much. So there's that.

I mean to say, if anyone could figure out a way to send a message from beyond the grave, it would be Harry, wouldn't it.

I'm glad Draco found it so comforting. I know he hoped it would be a comfort to me, too. But, personally, I never doubted that Harry would be at peace. He was at peace with his death and his decision to die. Knowing that - it doesn't change anything for me. If anything, it's ... it's worse.

I think my reaction disappointed him.

I'm staying out here a while longer.
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Did we find Montague and Finnigan a place to stay that's sufficiently far from - well, from anyone else?

We knew that re-integrating would be a challenge, well, here's our very first live test of whether we can get the next generation to get along, after all the bad blood.

I hope we don't have to place a guard outside their door or anything.

Mind you, I'm not saying Alice made the wrong call to get Ginny back, but I wonder if we should have insisted that Finnigan pay at least some dues before expecting the others to simply break bread with him.
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Hullo, cousin.

How are you doing?

Listen, loads of people are going spare over Evelyn and Sinistra and who knows who else keeping ties. Maybe you're still angry, too, and you've a right to be.

I just thought, perhaps, in all the fuss and to-do, there haven't been enough people thanking you. For what you did out there. For what it must have taken to overcome him.

Well done. There was quite a queue for that particular kill, but I don't know if any of us could have done it alone.
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My sources tell me you went up for a nap after lunch. Don't want to wake you if you're getting a good rest. I think I've made some progress on the Polyjuice detector, though. It doesn't seem to mind Animagi anymore, at any rate. I've asked Sluggy for a bit of Polyjuice and I think some of the trainees will be volunteered to take it when we're ready to try it out.

I've been thinking about where we go from here, when it's time to go. Too bad Septima won't let us all stay; it seems like it's good to be round younger people, for one thing, and besides that we can't really beat the castle for its position, defences and amenities. Space for everyone and all that. Have you had conversations with Alice about it? I've been avoiding asking but I suppose we ought to talk. I don't think it's wise to pull back behind Moddey. Grimmauld's in the heart of London, so that's not very feasible. Given what you told me about the farm that lifted Fidelius only to be attacked the next day, we certainly can't advocate for removing any of the protections on Bedford, Aldrich or anywhere else currently under the spell. So.

Probably too much to hope that Draco, Hermione and all the others would want to take over a small village somewhere so we can all continue to live and work nearby. Well, there's a little time to think about it, though it's only a month til they chuck us out of here. They'll have a quality Polyjuice detector installed by then, right across the main entrance, too. What do you reckon we could convince her to hire us on as teachers?

Anyway. Come down when you're ready and double-check the runes on this frame?

(And, you know, next time you're having trouble sleeping, you don't need to leave. If I'm that desperate to sleep, I can always change. Padfoot doesn't care if the light's on or off. He might help you, too.)
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Right, what can we give Molly to do tomorrow and for the next few days?

Otherwise I've a feeling Rachel's guilt will feed Molly's reassurance, which will feed Rachel's guilt, &c, so on, ad nauseum.
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Rachel, what's the likelihood that your source in the Death Eaters could give you warning the next time they decide to impersonate us?

Ginny Weasley's got additional confirmation that those attacks could be the key to winning over anyone who's still on the fence about whether or not we're the good guys.
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Alarms just went up here in Maidstone. Their warehouse is on fire.

We'll put the fire out but Pansy, Jeremy, they'll be short on whatever we can't salvage.
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I think we're about ready to go. Radhika and Ellen are going to take photographs to establish that Draco and I are working with the good people of Brighton to rebuild their boardwalk.

Merlin, what a massive annoyance, but I admit I'm looking forward, in some ways, to doing a little work with my hands.

Alice, I left something for you in the drawer of your desk. Open only when you're alone. Circe knows I needed one after John's service, and Remus mentioned you were feeling particularly tense, too.


We'll be back by dark, I expect.
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There's been a story today going round the Protectorate that Draco and I killed a family who declined an offer to come work for the government of Albion.

Obviously, it's not true.

I don't want to rebut it directly, of course - I think that would be the wrong response - but if there are other ways to deflect what they're claiming and turn it back against them, we could use some more positive reports. Lee, what about the ladies and gents of the press we have with us now? It's high time we put our own propaganda machine to work.
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I didn't want to disturb yesterday when you had your (much deserved) day off, but, have you heard from Nick and John? They said something about a quick jaunt back to the Ministry for - a missing box of files? I know we tried to retrieve as much as possible as quickly as possible. They insisted it was essential, though, to the redistribution project, and that they'd be quick and careful getting in and out.

I've been asking round, quietly, and no one seems to have seen them since yesterday lunchtime. Twenty-four hours is not what I'd call quick.

You haven't heard that they hit trouble and had to lie low, have you?
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Busy today?

I'm going down to Dumfries to help with a situation in the camps - as it's a nice day (and I've got to be back tonight for the full moon), I thought I'd take the bike.

Care to join? Or come on your own broom. Could use an Auror in case things get ugly.
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That parchment and everything for the Goblins - Draco's coming up to the Great Hall. I said you'd meet him. I hope you don't mind. I'll come down, too, if you like.

He'll sign whatever we need, just please if we can minimise what he has to do, that's for the best. I mentioned the trust. If he can sign the parchments for that at the same time, so much the better.

I didn't tell him you might need a print or a drop of his blood but he'll do whatever we need to do to get this over and done.
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Draco, when you're free, can you stop up and see me and Remus? Bring Hermione if you like. We have some news we need to talk to you about.
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Right. It took all hands but we managed to hit and/or protect all the Sleeper caches we knew about. We estimate that the Death Eaters got to more than half before we could cast the Fidelius. And worse, it looks like Crouch sent out nine teams overnight.

I hope some of them were to stop the Fiendfyres. Must have done, though, right, or we'd have heard about it from our sources?

Rachel, if Bill can't get us that list quickly, I think Lee ought to mobilise the button network to inquire about additional caches - any we can find. Might not be a bad idea, anyway, since we can prioritise to avoid places where we're likely to encounter Crouch's forces.

And we'll need every available person who can both Apparate and cast Fidelius.
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We've completed Fidelius on the warehouses in Eccles, Swinton and Prestwich .... No sign of MLE yet.

I figure I've got a few more in me tonight. We'll head to Blackburn and Skipton, they're not too far.


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